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Taking care of your contact lenses & circle lenses


Hello my wee bubbles, here today I am going to show you a thing.

I have been livin’ the megane life since second grade, which always equaled four-eyes jokes, glasses hiding contests for the other kids and having fun breaking them. Then the one main hardship… Cosplaying characters without glasses. Guh. Either suck it up and wear glasses, walk around blind, or… Contact lenses?! This is a solution many of my fellow imperfected retinas have already come to.

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So recently as some of you may know I had to figure out how to make these green arm wraps in the picture below

I wanted them to be one piece so that they wouldn’t have to be adjusted throughout the day if parts decided to slip, especially since the original plan was to…


Hey ! This blog is the perfect one I needed ! Indeed, I've never sewn an entire thing myself, but as I plan to be Dis (Thorin's sister) in October, I need to know how to make a dress. So, first of all, thank you for your blog ! Then, I have two questions : do you know where I can get good medieval dress patterns ? And do got some tricks to help me being confident about making my entire cosplay myself ? I am really motivated to make it, but my lack of confidence can be a real threat...

First and foremost, tell yourself that the only way to get better is to keep trying and practicing!
That being said, to start off, medieval dress patterns can be found *everywhere.* Most major pattern companies will have basic ones in their Halloween section of their patterns. For more “authentic” patterns, just google around and see what people point to and suggest.
As for tricks on making your entire cosplay by yourself: Start easy, work your way up. Start with a few simple things like pajama pants and simple shirts. Then, test out a few skirts and more tops. Eventually, you’ll be making your costumes with ease! There are always cosplay groups around you that do gatherings to work on costumes together. Make a few friends and join them! If there isn’t a group, make one! Learn with one another! 
Lastly, YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES!! And that’s okay! We all make mistakes and you need to learn from them, no get disheartened from them.

Good Luck!

hi! im someone experienced in binding and in /post/42024977381 the tutorial says that bandages are a safe method for binding when in reality, thats very dangerous and can end up causing bruising or in some cases major internal damage! not saying that you should take it off because thats up to you but its EXTREMELY dangerous to bind with ace bandages. they constrict around the area applied in order to keep it secure, so around the ribs/chest they will continue to tighten and restrict!! :^(

Very good information to know! I have yet to do any binding (unless you consider corsetry binding) so this is very good information to tell other people.

Thank you for the heads up!

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Torn fabric distressing tutorial -


Some of you may have stumbled across these already, as I’ve had them up on the Adagio page for a little while (maybe a week or so?) but I never got around to making a post about them.

Cosplay Survival Kit tea: A selection of soothing blends to calm frayed nerves from sewing setbacks, along with energizing teas to help you pull those all-nighters just before the con.

One down, a million to go
I sewed it together backwards
It looked better in my head
The night before the con

Still working on finishing out my other sets, but I thought these would be good to release in the final countdown to Dragon Con.

Hi! I have a question about dying synthetic wigs. I've never dyed one and all I needed was the roots dyed so I asked my friend in cosmetology school to do it for me with the FW ink technique. It looks fine, but see, the wig is long, it goes to my waist/a little past, so she said she could't rinse the wig because it got crazily tangled when she tried it on a section. But the ink powder comes off on my hands and forehead when I put it on. Any suggestions?

Did they do FW and Alcohol? Normally, that won’t flake with or without washing it. 

However, I would personally suggest just washing the wig. Now, when I say wash, I just mean rinse out the dye until the water runs clear. there’s no reason to use shampoo and conditioner when rising dye out. After the wig dries, just spray with a silicone coat and comb back out.

Make your own lipstick with crayons. For those characters with odd colored lips, or to create that perfect color.

Hi I have a cosplay question! Im very new to it and I have only done a few different cosplays. I was wondering who you think I might resemble to cosplay based on pics of myself on my profile. Thank you! :)

I refuse to do things like this for on very important reason:

You cosplay what and who you want to cosplay because *you* like the character. Not because some random person you don’t know says you look like a character. If you like a character and you want to cosplay them…cosplay them.

Not because I said to cosplay them.